Millington Pastures, a sight of scientific special interest, is a system of dry cast valleys in the

East Yorkshire Wolds, with grassland slopes grazed by sheep and highland cattle; crossed

by sheep tracks, ancient Roman Roads; and long distance paths (the Wolds Way and Minster Way).



Inspired by the landscape and heritage of Millington Pastures,  the idea behind Way Posts was to create a work of public art which echoed the gentle beauty of the land around it.   Eleven carved English Oak posts were made and installed in three groups, following a route through the Pastures from Millington to Huggate.   A single letter is carved into each of the eleven posts which, when read in sequence, spells GAIT IN WOLDS.


From the village of Millington the road known as `Wood Gate` heads out to Pasture Gate and the first four posts.  The road curves down the hill past Millington Wood and on to Thieves Sty, where two of the posts face each other.  Further on, the road stretches ahead in Millington Dale, home of the last five posts.  Each group of posts has a meaning specific to its site.


A community project was built around the making of the Way Posts, giving a sense of shared creative ownership to this sculpture trail.

an introduction

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