a.4)  exhibition beverley minstter 2005

Footprint on the Land, 2005



The Land  by Grovehill Adult Centre

oil on canvas boards, 180 piece



Red Campion  by Rawcliffe Centre

Styrofoam, oils and acrylics



Never Again  (reworked)

courtesy of Woldgate College

unfired clay figures

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Millington Pastures is a site of special scientific interest, and as such the WayPosts could not be located without the approval of Enlish Nature.  Their concern was for the `footprint on the land` which each WayPost would make within the Pastures; and the Way Post sculptures were approved by English Nature as they were satisfied that each footprint would not cause any damage to the land around it.


A group of people from Grovehill and Rawcliffe Adult Centres made frequent visits to the Pastures, and took part in workshops in Millington Village Hall as part of the Way Post project.  They made two pieces of work: The Land, depicting the panoramic view from Pasture Gate, and Red Campion based on one of the indigenous wild flowers.


These two works were supported by 1500 unfired clay figures which had been part of  Woldgate College`s successful installation Never Again, in memory of Holocaust victims.  Never Again was reworked in the stunning setting of Beverley Minster.


The three pieces of work together formed the art installation Footprint on the Land.





                                          Footprint on the Land,  2005

a temporary art installation in Beverley Minster, which took its inspiration and name from English Nature`s guidelines 

Photographic journey through Millington Pastures